Scented Jar Candle Beautiful type scent

Light up your space and get a romantic aroma of a designer type fragrance "Beautiful". Candle has been poured with a soy (....more)

Vintage Anchor Hocking “Oatmeal” Juice Glass Tumbler

A wonderful collectors piece or an addition to a set. This cute little Anchor Hocking Juice glass is 3 1/2" tall and was (....more)

Birthday Cake Scented Wax Melts, Soy

This little package of melts will give you the wonderful aroma of a birthday cake with buttercream icing whenever you (....more)

Hawaiian Breeze Scented Candle in Champaign Glass

This beautiful champagne glass candle makes a great accent piece for the mantle or table. You light it for a warm glow, or (....more)

Eight “Beautiful” type Scented Candle Tart Melts

If you like the popular designer fragrance "Beautiful" you will enjoy this scented tart with the same type of aroma. This (....more)

Ten, Wedding, Shower, Candle, Thank you Gifts, Favors for Guests, You Choose the color and fragrance

Let your guests know how grateful you are with this little scented wedding or shower souvenir. This little candle makes a (....more)

Clean Cotton Scented Wine Glass Candle, Purple, Soy

This beautiful wine glass candle will make the perfect decoration for any mantle or table, and it gives the wonderful (....more)

Fifteen Mini Heart Wax Candle Tart Melts, 5 oz. each, You Choose the Color and Fragrance Soy

This item is a bag of 15 scented wax candle mini hearts. Work great in small tart and melt warmers. Each heart is .5 oz. (....more)

Bay Breeze type Scented jar Candle Soy

The wonderful fresh aroma of the salty sea blowing onto a wonderful sunny beach is the aroma you will get with this 100% (....more)

Apple Strudel Scented Wax Candle Refill Kit

Recycle and Reuse with this great little candle making kit. Just follow the directions to refill your favorite candle (....more)

Berry Bramble Type Scented Apothecary Jar Candle

Imagine the aroma of spring berries and fruits combined with fresh flowers. This 10 oz., super scented Berry Bramble type (....more)

Ten, Bubble Gum Scented Votive Candles, Soy

Gives off the wonderful, sweet aroma of the original Bubble Gum fragrance. Made with 100% Soy wax and has been super (....more)

One Scented Votive Candle, You Choose the Fragrance

Super scented Votive Candle, custom order so you can choose the fragrance you want. Only want one, no problem. You can buy (....more)

Eight Blueberry Scented Wax Candle Tarts Melts Soy

Eight, Blueberry Scented Wax Tarts to freshen up any space with the wonderful aroma of fresh blueberries. Each tart is 1 (....more)

Ten Blueberry Cobbler Scented Votive Candles

Imagine the aroma of a freshly baked blueberry cobbler and you have the fragrance of these delightful votive candles. (....more)

Cappuccino Brulee Scented Wax Breakaway Melts, Soy

Imagine the wonderful aroma of vanilla beans, coffee beans, and cocoa beans blended together and you have the fragrance of (....more)

Clean Cotton Scented Wine Glass Candle, Ivory, Soy

Beautiful wedding table centerpiece, or mantle decoration, this wine glass candle gives off a wonderful glow for any (....more)

Eight Banana Nut Bread Scented Wax Melts Tarts, Soy

Imagine the wonderful aroma of Banana Nut Bread baking in the oven. You can get this same fragrance to fill your space (....more)

Angel Wings Highly Scented Handmade Apothecary Jar Candle

This wonderful, candle gives off the unique romantic aroma of a powdery bouquet of rose, jasmine, and Hawthorne enhanced (....more)

Vintage Colebrookdale Sad Iron, 6 oz.

Vintage "Sad Iron" from the Colebrookdale Iron Company in Pennsylvania. This cute little iron weighs 6 oz. and would make (....more)

Eight Scented Heart Shaped Wax Candle Melts Tarts

What a wonderful way to say "I Love You" or "Thank You" than with a wonderfully scented heart-shaped wax tart. You get to (....more)

Eight Blueberry Cobbler, Scented Wax Candle Tarts Melts Soy

Fill your space with the wonderful aroma of a fresh blueberry cobbler, without actually baking. This blueberry scented (....more)

Scented Wine Glass Candle, Soy

Elegant, super scented candle hand poured into a wine glass. You choose the fragrance and color. Makes a wonderful (....more)

Eight Cinnamon Buns Scented Wax Candle Tarts Melts

Flood your space with the wonderful aroma of fresh baked Cinnamon Buns with this little tart. Tarts are made with 100% Soy (....more)

Christmas Mulberry Scented Votive Candles

This wonderful little votive gives off the aroma of a blend of woods, spices, fruits and flowers to fill your space with (....more)