Wine Bottle Stopper

This beautiful wine bottle stopper will make an excellent gift. It is made of high quality stainless steel and handmade (....more)

Cooking Fork Cherry Wood

This handy kitchen gadget can be used for whipping up batter, flipping bacon, or simply stirring anything in pots or pans. (....more)

African Flower Crocheted Coaster Set of 6

Get ready for Spring! These crocheted African coasters are so sweet and colorful! They will really brightened up your (....more)

Biker Bar (Leather) Scented Soy Candle

What do you think of when you think bikers...LEATHER! This leather scented soy candle smells exactly like you would think (....more)

Coffee Scoop Cherry Wood

This cherry coffee scoop is the perfect size to fit into most canisters. It is perfect for coffee grounds or beans. I (....more)

Deer/Stag Wooden spoon wall hanging with pyrography


This is a wooden spoon with a pyrography (or wood burning) deer design. I used a pyrography iron to burn into the wood, (....more)

Tea Towel, Watercolour Dots

Bright and unique tea towel featuring an all over pattern of colourful dots. This fabric features my own unique design (....more)

Crystalline Glaze Sake Cups, Set of 2


Set of 2 handmade porcelain sake cups in crystalline glaze. These are by tall sized cups. they hold three full ounces if (....more)