Tribal seed necklace

Tribal Eco- necklace,Tibetan Turquoise, baby coconut, lady bug seed, black peas. macrame man necklace. Natural baby (....more)

Ammonite Arm cuff, Fossil, Armlet, upper arm bracelet,

Unique upper armlet, made of Alpaca (German silver) wide wire, with a prehistoric Ammonite fossil set in German silver (....more)

Florence jasper silver pendant

florence jasper man pendant, man necklace, natural stones. silver pendants, for man

Natural white green and red Florence jasper pendants, 2 shapes option
For man or Women, can be worn with silver chain, leather or any other necklace or chain desired.
Pendant made of sterling silver thick wire.

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Florence jasper silver pendant

florence jasper man pendant, man necklace, natural stones. silver pendants, for man Natural white green and red (....more)

Celtic Key Ear climbers

Silver key ear climbers, key earrings, steampunk, boho style (((LAST PIECE IN STOCK!!!)))) Sterling silver large celtic (....more)

Amazonite silver ring

Green Amazonite drop shaped silver ring. Handmade adjustable silver ring with a natural mint green Amazonite gem (....more)

Blue Sapphire sterling silver Filigree Earrings

Blue Sapphire Silver Filigree earrings, Handmade, Fancy gems, gemstone earrings, silver earrings, Fancy pair of faceted (....more)

Moonstone macrame pendant necklace

Small size oval shaped natural white Moonstone gem, set in beige color macrame pendant and necklace. The necklace is (....more)

Upper arm bracelet Sodalite

Original arm bracelet made of German silver wide wire. Very solid metal bracelet, does not change form, size, color, Non (....more)

Upper Arm bracelet with hand painted stone

Upper arm cuff bracelet, silver armlet, original and unique handmade creation A solid Alpaca (south american metal) upper (....more)

Red Druzy silver pendant

Red Druzy Crystal and sterling silver pendant, Special shiny stone, with an incredible Druzy crystals "cave" Teardrop (....more)

Arizona Turquoise vintage ring

Arizona Turquoise ring, Sterling silver ring, Vintage Ring, natural gemstone, Boho, fancy, oval turquoise ring, zen, (....more)

Tribal Bone necklace

Tribal black and white bone necklace, Indian/ African style, Boho necklace, Rustic necklace Unique, one of a kind (....more)

Eilat stone pendant necklace

Eilat stone macrame necklace, Blue tones necklace, natural gemstones and macrame creation Square shaped deep blue and red (....more)

Ocean Jasper pendant

Ocean jasper natural stone and silver tiny pendant, Natural gemstone creation Small size natural mexican Ocean Jasper, in (....more)

Mookaite macrame necklace

Black and brown shades teardrop MOOKAITE JASPER cabochon centerpiece, set in black handcrafted macrame net pendant, with (....more)

Tribal Rustic man necklace

Tribal Rustic necklace, man necklace, macrame necklace Wooden necklace, wood and macrame necklace, Boho, ethnic necklace, (....more)

Wooden spiral macrame necklace

Wooden spiral harmony necklace, made of Ebony wood, carefully carved and polished, as a centerpiece. the necklace itself (....more)

Rhodochrosite gold Arm cuff

Beautiful golden brass arm cuff, with a round pink natural Rhodochrosite stone. Gorgeous piece, great as a Bridal (....more)

Black onyx silver pendant

Special Black Onyx pendant, silver and gemstone pendant, handmade, natural gemstones, Black and transparent Onyx. (....more)

Turquoise macrame bracelet, wide macrame cuff, Luxury macrame jewelry

Wide Turquoise macrame bracelet, Luxury macrame cuff, natural gemstone, Tibetan turquoise Beige color macrame hand (....more)

Ethnic Gold anklet

Ethnic Indian style handmade Anklet, in Gold and Turquoise tones. Natural Turquoise, Moonstone and Lapis combination (....more)

German silver solid arm cuff, double wrapped, with spiral termination. The bracelet is made of wide wire, which allows (....more)

Natural Labradorite macrame necklace

Natural Labradorite gemstone with a beautiful "fire" reflections in blue and green shades, set in finest string macrame (....more)

Hammered silver open ring

Hammered silver open ring, Boho style, Hand crafted of sterling silver. Adjustable size, can be used as a midi ring as (....more)

Bridal Feather Leaf silver ear cuffs

Silver fancy ear climbers, Bridal earrings, Silver fine climbing earrings, Bridal decorations A pair of Right and Left (....more)

Ancient Indian coin pendant

Ancient Indian coin pendant necklace Antique copper coin from India, of the year 1616 with Arab characteristics- black (....more)

Copper Upper Arm cuff bracelet

Copper arm cuff bracelet of pure copper wide wire Solid quality metal bracelet, does not change form, size, color, (....more)

Sunstone boho macrame necklace

Glittery Sunstone macrame necklace, Black and Orange Boho necklace For man or woman as one! Stone centerpiece is set in (....more)

Double pocket pouch belt

Double pocket pouch will contain all your important things and will keep them handy Thick Black cotton belt, with 2 large (....more)

Red tiger eye macrame necklace

Red tiger's eye boho macrame necklace for man/ woman/ Unisex Beautiful red tiger's eye cabochon, set in black waxed (....more)

Rutilated quartz silver earrings

Rutilated quartz silver earrings, Golden Rutile quartz, dangle, shine, fancy, drop, round sterling silver, gypsy, natural (....more)

Aquamarine Silver upper arm bracelet

Silver and natural Aquamarine stones original upper arm cuff bracelet. Special wire- work spirals holds the oval shaped (....more)

Sodalite macrame necklace

Blue Sodalite natural stone handmade macrame necklace in beige and blue tones. Combination of Sodalite, blue Lapis lazuli (....more)

Spiral macrame necklace, Turquoise macrame

Spiral Turquoise Tribal macrame necklace Unique and original necklace of large hand crafted Ebony wooden spiral, with a (....more)

Vintage silver necklace

Vintage silver necklace, ethnic silver necklace, silver findings Unique old silver necklace of 3 decorated rectangles, (....more)

Eilat stone necklace

Eilat stone macrame necklace, Boho style macrame and Eilat stone necklace Oval shaped Eilat stone centerpiece, in (....more)

Moonstone pendant

White Rainbow Moonstone natural gem stone, set in a silver pendant. Stone has an asymmetric triangular shape, and some (....more)

Lace Agate natural stone Silver pendant

Asymmetric Drop shape natural Lace Agate stone in black, grey and white stripes, set in handmade sterling silver (....more)

Sodalite macrame necklace

Blue Sodalite Macrame pendant necklace, macrame necklace, mens necklace, Deep blue necklace, drop shape stone, blue (....more)

Snowflake Obsidian man necklace

Black and white Snowflake obsidian macrame necklace, Men´s necklace, Rustic necklace, Boho style, Adjustable and (....more)

Picture Jasper pendant

Sterling silver pendant of a triangular shaped Yellow Picture Jasper natural stone. A great gift for a special (....more)

Malachite & Emerald bracelet

Green shades natural stones bracelet, adjustable to your wrist, with Malachite and Emerald natural green stones and silver (....more)

Aquamarine macrame pendant necklace

Aquamarine boho pendant necklace with Emerald and macrame Oval shaped natural Aquamarine gemstone, transparent and (....more)

Silver Arm Cuff

Silver arm cuff, made of German silver wide wire. Very solid metal bracelet, does not change form, size, color, Non (....more)

Wooden spiral macrame man necklace

Ebony wood spiral macrame necklace Rustic tribal design, 2 shades of green waxed strings macrame weaving around a large (....more)

Luxury faceted Carnelian bracelet

Yellow, orange to red tones faceted natural carnelian gemstones, separated by sterling silver beads with a centerpiece of (....more)

Natural orange stones Anklet

Carnelian orange anklet, natural carnelian gemstone ankle bracelet. Great colors and great combination of natural orange (....more)

Agate black and white pendant

Oval shaped natural Lace Agate stone in black, grey and white stripes, set in handmade sterling silver (....more)

Eilat stone and Turquoise arm cuff

Golden Brass, Eilat stone and Tibetan Turquoise unique upper arm cuff. Handmade and designed with best quality natural (....more)

Black Obsidian silver ring

Magical volcanic black Obsidian stone, drop shaped, originated from Mexico. This stone is black, with internal fire in (....more)

Peridot macrame necklace

Natural Peridot green macrame necklace, Peridot brass pendant necklace, Gold and green necklace. Teardrop shaped light (....more)

Shark tooth macrame necklace

Shark tooth macrame necklace, tribal, men's necklace. Rustic necklace, Beach, Boho, natural Shark tooth, gift, for (....more)

Ammonite gold necklace

Ammonite fossil golden necklace with natural shell fossil and gold filled chain. Unique piece, elegant and meaningful, (....more)

Turquoise macrame necklace

Natural Turquoise gemstone necklace, macrame necklace with Turquoise stone, Men's necklace / Unisex necklace. Round (....more)

Tribal macrame Man necklace

Tribal Wood and Macrame Man necklace Earth colors macrame necklace with Ebony wood flat ring as a centerpiece the (....more)

Ammonite silver macrame necklace

Ammonite natural fossil and silver macrame necklace Gorgeous and unique necklace involves prehistoric symbols of life and (....more)

Agate silver pendant

Oval shaped natural Lace Agate stone in black, grey and white stripes, set in handmade sterling silver (....more)

Rainbow Natural stones and silver Anklet

Rainbow chakra colors Natural gemstones anklet. Beautiful combination of Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Malachite, Citrine, (....more)

Jasper bracelet, mens macrame bracelet,

Picture yellow Jasper, Macrame bracelet with natural picture jasper stone and silver. Dark brown Macrame bracelet, with (....more)

Ocean Jasper pendant necklace

Ocean Jasper natural stones and sterling silver necklace, in shades f white and grey. A Luxury necklace of an Oceanic (....more)