Vintage Italian Leather Briefcase, Milano Mode Italy Case

This is a vintage Milano Italian leather briefcase. There are two sections inside with enough room to hold a laptop and (....more)

Vintage Leather Camera Bag, Leather Camera Case, Leather Shoulder Camera Bag, Genuine Leather Carry Case

This is a vintage genuine leather camera bag in brown with a closure in front and an adjustable shoulder strap. . The (....more)

Jewelry Box, The Jewel Kit, Black Jewelry Chest

Here is an amazing vintage expandable jewelry box to store many pieces of jewelry or any small items. It features a black (....more)

Vintage Hunter’s Horn, Brass Hunter’s Horn, Brass Fox Hunter’s Horn

This is a vintage brass hunter's horn or also called a fox hunter's horn. I have not tried blowing into it so I don't know (....more)

Vintage Pink Piggy Bank for Girls, Hand Painted Ceramic

Here is a small vintage Piggy Bank in pink featuring hand painted eyes and flowers. The flowers are in red and yellow with (....more)

Ice Blue Indiana Glass Bowl

This Indiana Glass bowl is in a gorgeous shade of ice blue or light blue. It is made of pressed glass with a diamond point (....more)

Vintage Manual Hand Drill

This is really cool vintage hand drill that works like an eggbeater. It still spins when turning the wheel and am sure it (....more)

Power Rangers Wall Hanging, Vintatge Power Rangers

This a cool vintage set of seven Power Rangers in different poses. This set features the Green, Red,Yellow,Black, White, (....more)

Antique circa 1880’s Metal Purse with Chain

This very unique and well made purse was made sometime in the 1880's. The metal has some wear to it and might be able to (....more)

Vintage So Sew Soldier WWII Sewing Kit 1940’s Military

This is quite a unique soldier's sewing kit from the 1940's World War II and still has its thread, buttons, and sewing (....more)

Vintage Alabaster Bookends

This is a pair of alabaster bookends carved in the shape of a parrot. There is a pretty light pink color running through (....more)

Vintage Hardcover Books, Decorator Vintage Books, Hardcover Book Decorator Set in Red, Orange, Green and Brown Binding , Vintage Decor

Here is a colorful lot of vintage hardcover books for an instant mini library. These will look great on a (....more)

Coca-Cola Glass, Teleflora, Coca Cola Polar Bear, Vintage Coke

This is a vintage Teleflora collectible featuring the Coca Cola Bear and the Coke glass familiar to everyone. They each (....more)

Girl’s Jewelry Music Box, Musical Ballerina Chest

This is a vintage jewelry music box that plays the song Dance Ballerina, Dance. This jewelry box features a cute little (....more)

Estee Lauder Compact, Golden Taurus

This is vintage Estee Lauder makeup featuring the Golden Taurus Compact Lucidity. This Lucidity translucent pressed powder (....more)

Vintage Ink Well, Diamond Point Glass Ink Well

This is a pressed glass vintage ink well in a diamond point pattern. The top of the ink well rim has a flat surface and (....more)