Colorful butterflies, rainbow mix.

Cute handmade crocheted butterfly appliques in all rainbow colors. These cuties, made of cotton thread, are 2 inches wide (....more)

Colourful crocheted flower appliques

Crocheted flower appliques for different craft purposes. Add summer touch to Your accessories, clothing and home decor. (....more)

Colorful beads – crocheted flowers in pastels

Handmade crocheted beads - flowers in soft pastel shades. Diameter - 3/4" (2cm). Made by crocheting cotton thread onto (....more)

Tiny heart appliques, crocheted, blue brown mix.

Tiny handmade heart appliques (less than 1 inch in diameter) for Your scrapbooking and other craft projects. Made in (....more)

Crocheted beads, 18mm, green mix.

Handmade crocheted beads in four different shades of green. Made by crocheting 100% cotton thread onto unfinished wood (....more)

Red Crocheted bow appliques

Handmade crocheted bows in bright red for different craft projects - hair clips, bag charms, gift tags, pet bowties - (....more)

Crocheted beads, 14mm, green yellow mix.

Small crocheted beads (only 14mm in diameter) in green and yellow. Theses are handmade, made by me - stitch by stitch, (....more)

Beads – flowers, 20mm, colorful mix

Colorful mix of crocheted beads - flowers. Nice accent for summer jewelry. Made of natural materials - cotton thread onto (....more)

Crocheted handmade beads – purple mix.

Handmade crocheted beads in purple and pink - natural materials (wood beads and cotton thread). Size - 3/4" (20mm). Hole (....more)

Granny squares, small appliques, blue mix.

Crocheted granny square appliques in blue shades. Made of 100% cotton thread. Size - 1 1/2" (they are small - great for (....more)

Crocheted beads, purple pink mix., 16mm

Purple and pink crocheted beads (handmade, crocheted by me :) ). Size - 16mm. Material - 100% cotton thread on unfinished (....more)

Bow tie necklace

Red bow tie necklace or every occasion. Bowtie is made of red cotton yarn and is put on cowhide string. It's simple, still (....more)