Sea Glass Pillow Cover

Little crochet squares the colors of beach glass make up this size 14x14 pillow cover, invoking the calm hues of the sea. (....more)

Shell Square Pillow Case

This sweet pillow case features a simple yet elegant crochet shell design, suitable for bedroom or baby's room. Lovely and (....more)

Gray Round Flower Pillow

Another fatty round flower pillow, this one in colors of gray, lavender, purple and blue! Plump and huggable, this cutie (....more)

Poinsettia Christmas Pillow Cover

Bright red poinsettia flowers adorn this Christmas pillow cover, just waiting to enhance your holiday decor! This cushion (....more)

Pastel Pillow Cover

Colorful pastel pillow case, perfect for baby or child's room! Size 14x14 crochet cushion cover is lovingly detailed with (....more)

Pansy Pillow Case

This pillow case is hand made with crochet African Flower squares in the color of pansies. While researching pansies I was (....more)

Spring Pillow Case

This is a classic granny square pillow case with bright spring colors of green, peach, blue, pink, and yellow. Lovely and (....more)

Brights Pillow Case

Got your blacklight? Got your velvet Elvis? Got your Bob Marley poster? Get your neon pillow case and call it a party! (....more)

Pastel Round Flower Pillow

Big, fat, chubby, squishably soft pastel round pillow. Hand crocheted and hand-stuffed, this portly cushion is not (....more)

Blue Waves Pillow Cover

Companion piece to my Sea Glass Pillow Cover, this 14x14 pillow cover features the same soothing colors of the sea in a (....more)