Outrageous Excess Lady Gaga Black Druzy Agate Over-the-Top Statment Ring

OMG isn't this just a fun, funky, outrageous and over-the-top ring for uber confident women who enjoy being the center of (....more)

Earthy Brown Jasper Stone Slab Statement Ring Pagan Autumn Wiccca Nature Raw

Bold and chunky, UNISEX Jasper slab statement ring for Pagan's or Autumn Fashionista's. Jasper slabs are embellished with (....more)

Dramatic Orthoceras Fossil Outrageous Statement Ring

Huge orthoceras prehistoric fossil, dramatic black & white statement ring! Fossil is attached to a jasper slab which (....more)

Bold Autumn Bumble Bee Jasper & Black Agate Stone Slab Earthy Statement Ring

Striking Bumble Bee Jasper stone slab statement ring, meaures nearly 4.5" x 3.5". Embellished with a freeform black druzy (....more)

White Druzy Quartz Slab Statement Ring Rare Scarce Earthy Bold

Rare & scarce white druzy quartz gemstone slab statement ring measures 4/5" x 2" & can be mounted either (....more)

Golden Plum Druzy Geode & Agate Outrageous Glamorous Statement Ring

What a striking & glamorous statement ring! This 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" ring consists of a huge golden-plum, titanium (....more)