Handmade clay Tea Stand

A BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE HANDMADE ART Handmade Tea stand made up of clay and wood .Each flower and leaf is made of clay (....more)

Wood Log Theme flower Vase

UNIQUE THEMED FLOWER VASE -WOOD LOG : This unique Themed flower vase is made of plaster of paris,chalk powder and wood (....more)

Wooden tray – Floral Print

FLORAL PRINT HANDCRAFTED WOODEN TRAY This wooden tray pattern is inspired by the Natural beauty around us.The floral (....more)

Miniature Waterfall

HANDCRAFTED ROCK THEMED WATERFALL Waterfalls is made up of Grey & White cement and paper to give the rock (....more)

Welcome Sign- Clay texture Finishing

CLAY TEXTURE HANDCRAFTED WELCOME SIGN BOARD Welcome sign is made up of MDF board,MDF alphabets and clay texture for (....more)