Owls, Childrens Nursery Paper Bunting, Room Decor

Handmade paper bunting featuring owls. 5 hand cut paper flags / pennants have been pasted onto a 220gsm cardstock for (....more)

Rose Paper Wedding Bunting, Room Decor

Beautiful handmade paper bunting featuring red, orange and yellow roses. 9 paper flags each measuring approx. 9 1/8 x 5 (....more)

Hand Embroidered Feather Hoop Art

Hand embroidered hoop art featuring two lovely feathers. Embroidered in shades of yellow, orange and bronze on a brown (....more)

Encrusted Silk, Hand Embroidered Hoop Art

A hand embroidered piece of original textile art. Embroidered on cream silk. A variety of textural stitches in shades (....more)

Hand Embroidered Feather Hoop Art

A hand embroidered piece of original hoop art. Variegated rayon thread on a blue background. Mounted in a 4" hoop (....more)

Bird Paper Bunting, Room Decor

A handmade bunting made from pages of a vintage book. Each heart has been carefully hand punched to capture a lovely (....more)

Spiderman, Handmade Paper Bunting, Room Decor

Colourful bunting handmade from a vintage Spiderman annual. 7 flags have been cut and pasted onto a 220gsm white card (....more)

Skull – Hand Embroidered Hoop art

An unusual piece of original hoop art. This embroidery shows the human skull with chewing muscles. Mounted in an (....more)

Roses – Paper Bunting, Home Decor

Beautiful handmade bunting featuring roses. The bunting consists of 7 flags. Each flag measure approx. 5 1/4" x 7 5/8" (....more)