Arrow Illustrationed Bar Macramé Bracelet

A fashionable heart-made Macramé bracelet with an ID style arrow feature adorned with glass beads. Influenced by bohemian (....more)

Gingham Hair Grips in Blue, Hair slides, Kirby Grips

Gingham pattern printed onto a round plastic feature. A fashionable and fun item to wear. Beautiful with fish tails, (....more)

Gecko Illustrationed Bar Macramé Bracelet

Gecko Macramé Bracelet. A heart-made bracelet, with an illustrated silhouetted gecko on a yellow and green stripped (....more)

Gingham Hair Grips in Pink, Hair slides, Kirby Grips

Pink Gingham pattern printed onto a plastic handmade round Hair grip design . Wear with beautiful fish tail, waterfalls, (....more)

Arrow Toho Bead Ring In Ivory & Terracotta

An arrow design created by hand from Toho beads sewn in stunning vibrant colours of ivory & terracotta. Influenced by (....more)