Vintage wallpaper rose wreath

Hand made from 100 % recycled paper, then also the base is recycled from old magazine pages, wrapping paper and old music (....more)

Wine bottle holder upcycled from bed spring

I upcycled some old armchair springs, left from upholstery projects and made some wall decor wine bottle holders. Painted (....more)

Vintage silver fork photo holder

Silvered kitchen utensils are too beautiful for junk, so I bend them. An elegant way for showcase of dinner menus, (....more)

Christmas tree transformed to candle sticks

In Estonia we have the tradition to have natural Christmas tree. We get it from forest or buy from the market. After the (....more)

Fairy door

It is always fun to stay connected with the childhood fairy world, where everything is possible. Last Christmas I hided (....more)